Welcome to the North Royalton Stadium Foundation

Why Support the NRSF?

Serpentini Stadium is perhaps the most iconic landmark in North Royalton, a community of over 30,000.  The facility service the North Royalton School District which includes both the cities of North Royalton and Broadview heights.

Each year the stadium hosts over 200 events, including the activity of nine high school or middle school athletic teams.  On any given day at Serpentini Stadium, you might find a Holy Name High School varsity football game, a statewide high school band contest or an OHSAA football or soccer game.  Serpentini Stadium is not just an athletic facility for the North Royalton Schools. Rather, it is a hub of community activities that affect people across Cuyahoga, Medina and Summit Counties.

To the people of the North Royalton and Broadview Heights communities, Serpentini Stadium is a gathering place and a source of pride.  The stadium's modern amenities and central location invite friends, neighbors, alumni, family and visitors alike to come together to celebrate and connect through sports, music and more.

For partners and sponsors, Serpentini Stadium is not only a place to effectively reach current and potential customers,  it is a symbol of corporate citizenship and a testament to its sponsors’ willingness to support the community.  It is a high profile structure easily seen from state route 82 (Royalton Road) and state route 3 (Ridge Road), which over 31,000 potential customers drive on a daily basis.  For our partners, Serpentini Stadium is a visible demonstration of their dedication to the community, its children and our way of life.

Please consider joining the businesses and organizations supporting Serpentini Stadium and the North  Royalton Stadium Foundation.  We offer opportunities to sponsors of all sizes and we are willing to work with you to create the maximum benefit possible.  We also offer you a chance to support something good in the Greater Cleveland community. Serpentini Stadium is a place where people can set aside their phones and tablets and simply interact- talk, laugh, debate and learn- while supporting youth activities.  It is a reminder that the strongest communities still come together to share their experiences.
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